Mathieu Harvey

Photographer based in Québec, Quebec


These moments spent with you…

Taken with my iPhone 4, modified with Google Snapseed.

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Very surprised as to why your work doesn't have hundreds of notes. You take amazing photos!!

A question by jampal

Thank you! It takes time to get knnown! It’s not about the notes though ;) 

Hello there! Your work is fantastic, I've only seen a bit of it but I'm sure it can only get more awesome as I explore more! Keep up the good work. One thing that I noticed that I particularly like is your use of focus. It's very aesthetically pleasing. Good luck with your endeavors xx

A question by endless--static-sea

Thank you so much!! I’ll be posting more, so keep an eye out for new shots! ;) 

On the photograph of the eye, I love everything EXCEPT the fact that not all of it is in focus. Other than that, great job. Love all the colors in your photography

A question by Anonymous

I can understand, the thing is, it’s not a macro lens that i bought, i made it with lenses. Therefor, its not perfect, i add it in front of a 50mm, the threats are the same diameter, therefor it fits. Like adding a magnifying glass in front of the 50mm, but threaded.